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Nikon and Abberior Instruments America announce strategic partnership to distribute the compact STED

Ultra-compact, plug & play STEDYCON from the inventors of STED and industry-leading microscope platform combine for ultimate ease of use, flexibility and 30nm resolution imaging

Nikon Instruments Inc., innovator of advanced microscope systems and Abberior Instruments, the leading STED solution provider from the inventors of STED today announced a strategic partnership to accelerate adoption of easy-to-use STED technology in the US. As part of this collaboration, Nikon will distribute Abberior Instruments’ compact-line STEDYCON system. The STEDYCON system combines 30nm super-resolution imaging and confocal in an ultra-compact design. Features include:

  • STEADYFOCUS module which guarantees drift-free STED and confocal imaging over days.

  • DynamicPLUS feature for superior sensitivity and full dynamic range to capture the dimmest signals and brightest spots.

  • Compatible with inverted and upright microscopes.

  • Service- and maintenance free.

  • Easy upgrade for existing fluorescence microscope systems.

“Nikon Instruments is excited about our partnership with Abberior Instruments and opportunity to distribute the STEDYCON system,” said Steve Ross, Ph.D., Director, Products & Marketing, Nikon Instruments Inc. “This partnership will enable us to deliver the complete range of super resolution technologies from enhanced resolution confocal to STORM, SIM and now STED.” “The Abberior-Nikon partnership is a powerful combination,“ continued Dr Karsten Bahlmann, CEO, Abberior Instruments America LLC. “Our superior STED technology coupled with Nikon’s great capabilities allow us to make a huge impact on the American market.” Dr Gerald Donnert, CEO, Abberior Instruments GmbH in Göttingen, added: “This alliance will finally unlock the full potential of super resolution for customers in the US.”


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